Q. Will EeziAccounts7 be offered to existing EeziAccounts users for free?
A. Among the challenges we had was that the original EeziAccounts was written using VB5 programming language. There was no easy upgrade path from VB5 to a 32/64 bit system, so we decided that a rewrite was the only course of action. It has taken a lot longer, in chronological time as well as hours invested in coding and testing, than we originally forecast. Therefore in line with software vendors pricing policies generally, we find ourselves having to charge for this edition of EeziAccounts. This will ensure that we can continue supply you with the services you are accustomed to. Updates to EeziAccounts and EeziAccounts7 will be free.

Q. Does Eeziaccounts run on Windows 7 and Windows 8?
A. Yes, version 7 of EeziAccounts does work with Windows 7 and Windows 8, both 32bit and 64bit versions.

Q. My reports do not print or print as blank pages
A. Do a backup of EeziAccounts and close the file. Switch off your computer, connect the printer, switch on the printer and computer. Re-open EeziAccounts. Your reports should now print correctly.

Q. How do I change the Dollar sign to a Rand sign (or any other local currency)?
A. The currency symbol is derived from the setting that you have in place in the Regional Settings. Access this from the Windows Control Panel.

Q. How do I deal with creditors (suppliers)?
A. Create separate accounts for each creditor. They should be of the type "Liability", and would probably have account names such as "A/C Payable - ABC Shoes". When you receive an invoice from this company you would debit the relevant expenditure account, and credit the new account that you have created for them. When you pay the account you credit Bank, and debit the Suppliers account.

Q. Can I get monthly reports?
A. For customer statements you can, by ageing the statement once a month, but for other accounts you can't except that the Report on and individual account allows you to select a start and end date.

Q. Can I run more than one company?
A. No, unless you purchase a new copy of Eezi Accounts. It is an infringement of the copy write conditions you must agree to when installing Eezi Accounts.

Q. After installing the program on an XP machine, how do I get it to print reports properly?
A. Close down Eezi Accounts, go to Printers and Faxes in XP, right click on the default printer, go to properties and check the page size setting. After doing this restart the computer.

Q. How do I know what version I am running?
A. Click on Help...About Eezi Accounts. This screen tells you the exact version number. It also comes up on the introductory screen when you start Eezi Accounts.